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    1 = Trac Wiki エンジン =
     1= The Trac Wiki System =
    4 Trac はテキストとドキュメンテーションにシステム中で使用される組み込みの wiki エンジンを持っています。 WikiFormatting は [wiki:TitleIndex Wikiページ] や [wiki:TracTickets チケット] 、 [wiki:TracChangeset コミットログメッセージ] で使用することができます。 この組み込みエンジンによってすべての Trac モジュールで書式付きテキストとハイパーリンクを使用することができます。
     4Trac has a built-in wiki system which you can use for organizing knowledge and information in a very flexible way by [WikiNewPage creating pages] containing an intuitive and easy to learn textual markup. This text markup is also used in all other parts of the system, not only in [wiki:TitleIndex wiki pages], but also in [wiki:TracTickets ticket] description and comments, [wiki:TracChangeset check-in log messages], [wiki:TracRoadmap milestone] descriptions and [wiki:TracReports report] descriptions, even in third-party extensions.
     5It allows for formatted text and hyperlinks in and between all Trac modules.
    6 Wiki テキストの編集はとても簡単です。どの Web ブラウザも使用でき、 HTML のようなもっと複雑なマークアップ言語に比べるとシンプルな [WikiFormatting 書式体系] です。 Wiki が設計された背景には、 HTML はネスト可能なタグの数が膨大でかつとても複雑なので、速いペースで編集することができず、ページの実質的な内容を把握し難いという理由があったからです。それでも Trac はマークアップの別手段として、 [wiki:WikiHtml HTML], [wiki:WikiRestructuredText reStructuredText], [ Textile] にも対応しています。
     7Editing wiki text is easy, using any web browser and a simple [WikiFormatting formatting system], rather than more complex markup languages like HTML.  The reasoning behind its design is that HTML, with its large collection of nestable tags, is too complicated to allow fast-paced editing, and distracts from the actual content of the pages. Note though that Trac also supports [WikiHtml HTML], [WikiRestructuredText reStructuredText] and [ Textile] as alternative markup formats, which can eventually be used in parts of a page (so called wiki “blocks”).
    8 Wiki が目指しているところはテキスト編集をより簡単にし、人々にプロジェクトのための情報を提供し、その内容に注釈をつけることを '''奨励する''' ことです。
     9The main goal of the wiki is to make editing text easier and ''encourage'' people to contribute and annotate text content for a project. Trac also provides a simple toolbar to make formatting text even easier, and supports the [ universal edit button] of your browser.
    10 Wiki そのものはどんな仕組みも押し付けません。何も書いていない紙の束に似ています。あなたがふさわしいと思う情報や文書をまとめることができ、必要に応じて後でまとめなおすことができます。
     11The wiki itself does not enforce any structure, but rather resembles a stack of empty sheets of paper, where you can organize information and documentation as you see fit, and later reorganize if necessary.
     12As contributing to a wiki is essentially building hypertext,
     13general advice regarding HTML authoring apply here as well.
     14For example, the ''[ Style Guide for online hypertext]'' explains how to think about the
     15[ overall structure of a work]
     16and how to organize information [ within each document]. One of the most important tips is “make your HTML page such that you can read it even if you don't follow any links.”
    12 Wikiテキスト編集のより詳しいヘルプは以下を参照してください:
    13  * WikiFormatting
    14  * WikiPageNames
    15  * WikiNewPage
    16  * TracLinks
    17  * WikiMacros
    18  * WikiProcessors
     18Learn more about:
     19 * WikiFormatting rules, including advanced topics like WikiMacros and WikiProcessors
     20 * How to use WikiPageNames and other forms of TracLinks which are used to refer in a precise way to any resource within Trac
    20 もしWikiテキストを編集する練習をしたいならば、 SandBox を使用してください。
     22If you want to practice editing, please use the SandBox. Note that not all Trac wikis are editable by anyone, this depends on the local policy; check with your Trac administrators.
    22  Web 上の Wiki についての情報:
    23  *
    24  *
    25  *
     24Before saving your changes, you can ''Preview'' the page or ''Review the Changes'' you've made.
     25You can get an automatic preview of the formatting as you type when you activate the ''Edit Side-by-side'' mode (you have to Preview the page for the setting to take effect). '' There is a [wiki:/TracIni#trac-section configurable delay] between when you make your edit and when the automatic preview will update.''
     27Some more information about wikis on the web:
     28 * A definition of [ Wiki], in a famous wiki encyclopedia
     29 * The [ History] of the original wiki
     30 * A wiki page explaining [ why wiki works]